Frequently Asked Questions

I have something I want letterpress printed. Is this something you do?
Yes, we do offer custom letterpress printing. Each project is quoted on an individual basis as many factors need to be considered.
Email us some basic information about your project (dimensions, quantity, ink colours, date required) to get your custom quote.
Keep in mind that not all designs are letterpress friendly. We have a Designing for Letterpress tip sheet that we can provide if you or someone else will be creating the design. It’s best to involve us early if your heart is set on a letterpress product.
Do you letterpress print supplied designs by another graphic designer?
Designs prepared outside of Inkwell are accepted. However, your graphic designer must ensure that all Designing for Letterpress tips have been followed in order to avoid additional fees and also to ensure suitability of artwork for letterpress printing. All supplied designs require review by Inkwell in order to properly provide the custom quote.
Please note: You are responsible for obtaining copyright / licensing permissions for any artwork submitted for printing.
I have something that I want printed. Can you help me with that?
We offer letterpress printing only. If that’s the printing process you desire, we would love to work with you.
I have something that I need designed. Can you help me with that?
We only offer graphic design services for projects that we can letterpress print. If that’s the printing process you desire, we would love to work with you.
A consultation in person or by phone may be necessary for custom design work. It allows us to discuss any ideas, themes, or inspirations you have for your project and to gather any additional information.
How large can you print?
Maximum artwork size is 11”x14”. Maximum size paper we can print on is 14.5” x 20”. 
What kind of paper do you print on? What kind of ink do you use?
All printing is done on our in-house paper. Our house paper is made of 100% recycled cotton specifically for letterpress printing and takes an impression very well. It is available in 118 lb and 236 lb weights and 2 shades of white: Bright or Natural.
When choosing colours for your design, keep in mind that each colour is a separate print run through the press and will add to the cost.
An additional mixing fee will be charged for custom mixed ink (Pantone or swatch). We mix our rubber based inks by hand. Therefore, slight variations may occur from batch to batch.
What is the turn-around time for a letterpress project?
Printed products are usually ready 4-5 weeks from time of order to completion. Please allow additional time if shipping is required. During busy periods (i.e. Christmas/holiday season, wedding season), please allow at least 6-8 weeks from the time your artwork is approved until your printing is completed.
Do you offer finishing services?
At this time, we do not offer additional services like corner rounding, duplexing, edge painting, hot foil, die cutting or perforation.
Can I see samples of your work?
Visit Inkwell Boutique to see our growing portfolio. The letterpress process and our work are best appreciated in person.
Do you offer classes or workshops?
Our workshops are currently on hiatus. We have ideas percolating and hope to offer some letterpress workshops in the near future.
Can I rent time on your letterpress equipment?
Our presses are located within the retail shop. Rented press time is therefore not available.
What is our Environmental Policy?
Inkwell prints on paper made of 100% recycled cotton paper. Our presses are hand powered and hand fed. We use biodegradable sleeves for our paper goods and biodegradable products for cleanup.
Have another question?
Email us!